Trump’s Dilemma: A “Passing the Monkey” Example Reading

Subtitle: Avoiding Prosecution in the “January 6th Riot” Investigation

To test my new “Passing the Monkey” problem-solving spread, I asked what would be the best way for Donald Trump to approach the risk of Congressional prosecution for his alleged role in the “January 6th Riot” in Washington, DC. Although Trump may now be “old news” (or so one can hope), his shadow still lurks on the horizon. I used two versions of the Thoth Tarot in this reading: the 1983 standard-size “Three Magus” edition (with only one Magus used) and the excellent new “Retro Thoth” mini deck. This was a fascinating exercise!

The four-card line showing the “Presumed Nature and Severity of the Problem” reflects a rather lackluster political climate surrounding this question, with those not wanting to bother with it outnumbering those with a serious “hair across their ass” three-to-one. There are no trump cards or powerful court cards in this series to drive and steer the initiative, suggesting that it is a rather rudderless ship. All of the cards are either placid or diminished by reversal, and in some cases both, with only the irritable 10 of Wands standing out as a call to action, and it too is suppressed since it is reversed as well. There doesn’t seem to be much appetite here for an inquisition.

The Chariot, a card of mundane triumph, showed up in its “natural” position adjacent to the Monkey #1 position, identifying that card as the preferred solution; the Wheel of Fortune reversed landed there as a recommendation to “fix” the situation. However, in the upper echelons of “political intrigue and knife-fighting,” to fix something doesn’t mean to correct it, but to make it go away, usually with some kind of proffered incentive. (I can hear Boss Hogg whining “Handle it! Handle it!”)

At first glance, the Chariot tied so closely to the Wheel of Fortune looks like “The fix is in!” with no doubt about the outcome. But the reversal of the Wheel makes giving it a “spin” at this time a dicey proposition with an uncertain prognosis. Still, with the resolve of the investigative panel in some doubt, doing so could be a bold move, with victory riding on the coattails of the Chariot. There could be some political horse-trading in the offing, not all of it transparent to the public. If I had to guess based on these cards, Trump is likely to “skate,” although not without taking some flak.

None of the other “Mount” cards appeared in their “natural” position, so there is no alternate solution to examine.

Originally published at on December 31, 2021.



I’ve been involved in the esoteric arts since 1972, with a primary interest in tarot and astrology. See my previous work at

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I’ve been involved in the esoteric arts since 1972, with a primary interest in tarot and astrology. See my previous work at