The “Spirit-Mind-Body” Personality Matrix

Here is another complex layout that isn’t a reading spread but a personality profile developed using the cards; it takes a bit of effort to set up but should be worth it. I’ve been looking at full-deck readings posted online recently and wanted to try that in a way that randomly “compartmentalizes” the cards into specific areas of the personality. I used a loose adaptation of Plato’s “tripartite Soul” for the “Spirit” column; Jung’s three divisions of the psyche for the “Mind” column and an even looser adaptation of one of the “human needs” models for the “Body” column. I’ve done this type of thing before but never with the full deck, so this is an experiment. (Although you could, I don’t think I would attempt to use reversals with this.) Purely by the coincidence of layout and population, most of the positions will have eight cards (one in each column will have nine). I came across this description of the symbolism of Eight that seems to fit: “Eight appears in Buddhism and Chinese traditions as balance and harmony of the cosmic order whereas the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece expressed the eight as organs of knowledge; fantasy, sense, art, opinion, wisdom, science, and mind.”

Originally published at on February 16, 2022.



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