The “Offering of the Dog” (OOTD) Pet-Selection Method

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I figured I’d better post this before someone on Facebook steals it and tries to claim it. (For all of you “copyright hawks,” the date of creation was the date of publication, February 1, 2022.)

This morning I had a little puckish fun with the Golden Dawn’s Opening of the Key (OOTK) method. (I probably have Macgregor Mathers “spinning” here). This approach might help you find the “Archetypal Canine” of your dreams. Pardon the stereotyping, but I think if I got Death for that it would be a pit bull named “Cerberus.” (I also believe now that I should have titled this spread “OOTK-9.”)

Originally published at on February 1, 2022.



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