As a companion piece to yesterday’s post, “Of Time and Tarot,” here is a summary of various methods for timing future events with the tarot, along with a personal approach to applying the trump cards that uses their inherent nature rather than the Golden Dawn’s monthly astrological associations shown in the last list. In my experience, none of these techniques is foolproof; sometimes the best we can come up with is “sooner rather than later” or its opposite, and occasionally we get an answer that is “just plain silly.” (For example, “You will hear about your medical diagnosis five years from now.”) Even so, immediately after getting an affirmative answer to their question, most sitters want to know “When?”

Timing is important to me because I read tarot mostly for situational awareness and developmental insight regarding a client’s circumstances, and not so much for psychological profiling or mind reading of the ”What does he or she think or feel about me?” sort. While browsing the tarot forums over the last few years, I was involved in many discussions about timing and found that several different approaches are commonly used. These lists formed part of a presentation I gave a couple of years ago at a Massachusetts Tarot Society gathering.

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For a more detailed look at my current thinking on the subject, visit this earlier post:

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