A Life-Long Quest for Meaning

I’m a writer and thinker on esoteric subjects who published the tarot and astrology blog “Parsifal’s Wheel” on WordPress for the last 3+ years. Dissatisfaction with changes in the WordPress experience led me to relocate my writing here. You can still find my 1,248 previous posts on divination there until next July, when I will be discontinuing my domain name www.parsifalswheeldivination.com. My plan right now is to cherry-pick some of the more thoughtful essays from that source for presentation here, as well as offering new material.

I’ve been studying and practicing the so-called “occult” arts since 1972, with a special interest in the Hermetic aspects of Qabalah and the tarot. My main focus has been on the Thoth deck of Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris. I have appeared internationally in The Cartomancer quarterly journal and the American Tarot Association’s online publications, and there may be a tarot book in me yet.

Although I’m now well into my “senior” years, sit more than I should and have to be careful how much I push my limits, I still consider myself an “outdoorsman.” (I like to say in my best hillbilly drawl that I’m the only whisky-drinkin’, pickup-drivin’, ballcap-wearin’, fly-fishin’, alpine-skiin’, kayak-paddlin’, hill-climbin’, rock & rollin’, theater-goin’, poetry-lovin’, horoscope-castin’, tarot-card-readin’, half-Canadian geomancer you’re ever likely to meet!) However, the hermetic pursuits I’ll be sharing here are seldom performed under an open sky (at least not until I find my way to druidry).

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