A “Knowledge & Wisdom Ledger” Example Reading

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Here is a reading I did to test this spread. I didn’t have a specific question in mind beyond curiosity over what my proposed initiative to push my tarot-reading practice into the corporate sector (still only a notion, not an actual plan) will mean for my future. Overall, this is a very encouraging reading for my ambitious objective; I like my chances here.

The only downside I can see is lack of sufficient motivation at the mental and physical levels since the opposing Earth and Water decans are entirely too comfortable with the status quo, and the mutually sedate Universe and Empress at the emotional level are also overly content to “veg out.” The driver here will have to come from the spiritual level of higher purpose via the elemental interaction between the enthusiastic, mercurial Magus and the optimistic, forward-looking Wheel of Fortune, once they rise to the occasion.

The “Fire” knowledge position is the the most relevant because of its association with “Ambitions, Aspirations and Initiatives.” The Magus here shows that I should leverage my skills in making this happen; I just need an opportunity to demonstrate them. The Wheel of Fortune — its “numerological counterpart” — as the “Wisdom” card suggests that I take a chance, a “spin of the wheel,” since it usually represents a positive change in luck due to its correspondence to astrological Jupiter, the “Greater Benefic” of traditional astrology.

In the “Water” knowledge position, I’m applying the Universe to the “Relationships of All Kinds” connotation. It seems counter-intuitive since it implies that well-established businesses would be the best targets for my proposal when the managers of start-up concerns are more likely to be visionary and innovative, thus more amenable to alternative approaches like the tarot. Its “numerological counterpart,” the Empress, advises that an agreeable manner and low-key charm will be the wisest ways to get my foot in the door.

The 9 of Cups (“Happiness”) in the “Air”knowledge position indicates that I will go into this with no doubts or reservations. I would be doing it mainly for the enjoyment and the experience since I don’t need the income. The pleasure of being able to exercise my talents in a broader — and less typical — public arena would be its own reward. That said, the complementary card on the Chaldean wheel, the 9 of Disks (“Gain”), could mean that the subject of reasonable compensation — both mine and theirs — will be uppermost in the minds of my prospective clients so I shouldn’t sell my services short.

Since income isn’t an issue for me, the “Earth” knowledge position’s focus on “Mundane Circumstances” seems to be the most pertinent. The 4 of Disks (“Power”) here bodes well for being able to cope with the increased workload that may result from greater exposure to the business world. It could also reflect that I have an authoritative background in management methods from my previous career that will place me in good stead. The 4 of Cups (“Luxury”) as its complementary counterpart suggests that I should have no cause for concern in navigating the waters of corporate culture since I sometimes think of it as the “calm waters and smooth sailing” card.

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