A 2020 Presidential Election Reading

Full Disclosure: I consider myself a “Libertarian sympathizer,” which in essence means that I’ve never met a mainstream politician I like. The idea of reduced government meddling in private life appeals to me, basically what Ronald Reagan was talking about when he said “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem!” but without the bloated corporate handouts and compliance loopholes that got tacked on by opportunistic lawmakers at the behest of business lobbyists. (You know, “radical” notions like constitutional preservation; Congressional term limits; curtailment of legislative and executive privileges and compensation; lobbying restrictions that curb influence-peddling; a “flat” income tax with no exceptions; immigration, welfare and legal reforms that end rampant abuse in an equitable way; a rational level of regulation; fair and equal access to basic government services that comprise the historical “social contract;” individual freedom of choice in most things; a lean government that spends within its means without borrowing obscene amounts of money; in short, all the stuff that no comfortably entrenched member of Congress would ever support.) With that in mind, I’m “just reading the cards” here with no specific political bias other than believing that the present system is badly broken.

Over the last couple of years I’ve done a number of tarot and Lenormand readings to forecast the results of the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election. Although I used a different deck and a different spread each time, these readings invariably predicted a small advantage for Donald Trump in his bid for re-election. As that deadline draws near, my wife and I collaborated on yet another attempt. I have a yes-or-no spread based on a 9-card square with two “Yes” positions and two “No” positions at the corners, and two “Maybe, Trending Yes” and two “Maybe, Trending No” positions at the borders pointing one way or the other; the middle position reflects an inconclusive result.

The approach is to first choose a significator card as a “pointer” and remove it from the deck, then shuffle the rest of the pack and lay nine cards face-up in any order to populate the underlying “landscape” of the situation. The significator is returned to the deck, which is reshuffled and then dealt on top of the nine “base” cards, following a random but roughly equal distribution, until the significator turns up in one of the Yes, No or Maybe positions or in the Undecided spot. Its placement gives the answer, and any cards lying beneath it tell the “story” leading up to the outcome.

Copyright 2018, Parsifal’s Wheel Tarot and Astrology

The question we posed was “Will Donald Trump win the election?” We chose the Chariot from the Thoth deck as the significator since it represents “Victory” or “Triumph” and is therefore a suitable avatar for Trump’s stake in the matter; where it lands would give a “yes-or-no” verdict regarding his electoral success. I performed the first shuffle-and-cut and then my wife laid out the initial nine cards. Next, she shuffled for the second operation and I dealt the cards on top of the original nine. In each case we chose a different random sequence for our layout.

Thoth Tarot, copyright US Games Systems, Stamford, CT

The Chariot appeared on top of the lower-left “Yes” stack (a slightly more equivocal “Yes” since it is surrounded by “Maybe No” cards), with five cards under it. Those five cards suggest the circumstances or events leading up to the conclusion. The bottom card in the stack was the Thoth 3 of Disks, titled “Work,” followed by the 3 of Cups, titled “Abundance.” The combined testimony of this pair conveys the idea that the robust pre-pandemic state of the economy was a strong driver in Trump’s favor: unemployment was shrinking and the stock market was growing dramatically. One opinion poll reported that 56% of Americans felt they were better off than four years ago, at least at that particular point in time.

The third card was Adjustment (Justice) reversed; there are two ways to interpret this card. Looking backward, it implies a severe “correction,” which in fact was brought about by the arrival of the coronavirus that put a decisive end to both “work” and “abundance” for many citizens in a most uncompromising fashion (although it didn’t seem to faze Wall Street for long). On the other hand, looking forward to the events of November 3rd (the main focus of this reading), the card can be read as portraying the uncertain impact of the contribution from the still-undecided voters and the key swing-states, neither of which will be resolved until election day despite an endless barrage of pollster phone calls. In light of the next card in the sequence, the reversal here gives a hint that the media polls, which currently favor Biden, are giving an unbalanced picture of the situation (the “Scales of Justice” are askew) just as they did in 2016 due to the non-participation of many Republican voters.

The card following Adjustment was the Hierophant. The implication is that these variables will tilt in a conservative direction, perhaps along traditional religious lines but I personally get a more pragmatic feeling from it. Faith may feed the soul for some (I’ll pass, thanks) but it doesn’t do much to sustain the body, and the Hierophant’s patriarchal involvement in earthly affairs stands out here. The old adage “They know which side their bread is buttered on” comes to mind. An alternate take may be that the reactionary American heartland is reluctant to exchange the devil they know (Trump) for the devil they don’t know (Biden). We might even say that Libra (Adjustment rx) is overmastered by Taurus (Hierophant) in this scenario; these are the Air and Earth domains of Venus (astrological token of the things we value), respectively, but reversal “takes the wind out of its sails” in the first case.

The fifth card was the Sun reversed, which I read as tempered optimism. The Sun is generally regarded as one of the most fortunate cards in the deck and reversal doesn’t override that, at most representing a momentary dimming of its bright prospects much like the brief shadow caused by a cloud passing in front of the celestial Sun. The outcome of the vote may not be immediately apparent due to the number of mail-in ballots still forthcoming, but the forecast marginally favors Trump, with a nail-biting finish in store. Reversal could also put a slight “damper” on the victory celebration, which I might see as Trump winning the presidential election but the Republicans losing control of the Senate (I’m looking closely at Maine here), creating four more years of political gridlock.

The Chariot at the end has no special significance in the narrative since it served only as the “pointer” for identification of the reading stack.

The most interesting factors here are the two reversed trump cards. It’s tempting to see Adjustment rx as delivering a jolt of “rough justice” regarding lost jobs and lost income that could bite Trump in the ass because he isn’t paying close enough attention to it, and the Sun rx as taking “the bloom off the rose” enough to spell doom for his chances in a very tight race. But I don’t think reversal works that way, instead introducing complexities that muddy the water to a certain extent but don’t turn everything on its head. I view Adjustment rx as depicting a “hung jury” (but not quite a “hanging chad” debacle) or “reserved judgment” that speaks more to the demographics mentioned above: the anticipated effect of the lagging ballots in addition to the consequences of the “undecided” vote and the unpredictable oscillations of the “swing-state” electorate, all of which are gathered in by the Hierophant and brought into the conservative fold in a likely rejection of the liberal agenda. The Sun rx won’t betray its essentially positive nature to the point that it withholds its largess in any consequential way, although it may renege on some of its “bragging rights.”

The bottom line looks like a narrow Trump win as his base sorts itself out and repeats the 2016 drama, although the Electoral College margin may be even more razor-thin this time.

I’ve been involved in the esoteric arts since 1972, with a primary interest in tarot and astrology. See my previous work at www.parsifalswheeldivination.com.

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