As I continue to explore the sketchy written history of the early tarot, I frequently encounter the observation that the tarot cards, prior to the appearance of Jean-Baptiste Alliette (aka “Etteilla”) as their original occult proponent in mid-18th-Century France, were not used in the practice of fortune-telling (presently dignified with…

I’m fascinated by reversals and am always looking for creative ways to take maximum advantage of their subtle influence. Here is a spread that uses reversal to further the “hidden” story-line. The reading will be from two to five cards depending on how many reversals appear, and the first reversed card will set the topical focus for the reading. I’m also including a link to my previous post on the nature of reversed cards in a reading.

Originally published at on January 20, 2022.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m not enamored of the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck. I think it comes in a distant second to the Thoth Tarot’s “masterful/magical/mystical/mythical/ metaphorical mojo;” after all, how could it compete with Aleister Crowley’s enormous erudition and Frieda Harris’s brilliant rendering. Don’t hate me, but I’m afraid it’s true…

In response to those tarot journeymen who are struggling mightily (and often unsuccessfully) with Aleister Crowley’s daunting Book of Thoth (BoT) and complaining almost as fiercely, I’ll stick my oar in the water here. As always, I do this at the risk of repeating myself, not for the first time…

Mainly for my own amusement, I spent some time superimposing elements of the American Justice System on the paths of my “re-imagined” version of the Hermetic (Kircher) Tree of Life. I started with the idea that Justice has to do with the “trial” in any judicial setting and Judgement” speaks of the “verdict,” and then fleshed out everything else from that premise. I’m thinking that this model could be used in whole or in part for “Tree of Life” readings about major criminal cases. I will perform and post an example reading with this as soon as I encounter an appropriate case study.

Originally published at on January 14, 2022.

I’ve now gleaned a number of fresh impressions from my study and practice that support writing a bit more about the Tower, the 16th trump card of the present-day tarot (titled “the House of God” or the “Lightning-Struck Tower” in older packs).

One of my favorite interpretations comes from Alejandro…

Parsifal the Scribe

I’ve been involved in the esoteric arts since 1972, with a primary interest in tarot and astrology. See my previous work at

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